Friday Night Band Lights
Dramatic LED Effects for Marching Bands and Parades!

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Try before you buy!
We have a limited number of free samples and loaner systems available for band directors.
Please contact us for details!

  Manually Triggered Light Effects
Our new Visual Highlighter product was created for bands that want to add dramatic light effects to their show without the expense or complexity of our wireless systems.   At only $24 per student, now every band can afford to WOW the audience with the unexpected!  These lights look great on uniforms, hats, props and floats!



  • 20 inch flexible light strip with 25 super bright RGB LEDs and adhesive strip backing.   Can be cut to shorter lengths.
  • An integrated controller that allows for 19 color change modes with speed control and 20 static color modes.  The controller remembers the last effect set, and will resume that effect when your marcher hits the power switch.
  • Battery holder with power switch.  Our light strips were specifically designed to provide incredible brightness with only 3 AA batteries.
$24 ea


Wireless Light Effects
Our Wireless systems provide stunning light shows with up to 16 million colors.  All precisely controlled by a laptop in your pit section. We can light up each member of your band, or create amazing light effects on your props.
Please call for pricing and availability



Drum Triggered Lights
Our drum lights can be directly synchronized with your drumline.
From $95 each

Lighting Systems for Props and Floats
One transmitter can control up to 18 self-contained receiver units, each with up to 18 LED RGB strands of up to 16 feet long.  That's up to 162 strands of RGB under control from your laptop!

This system is great for street and boat parades, theater props and marching band props!
Please call for pricing and availablity


Custom Light Effects 


We can design custom wireless light effects to your specifications for reasonable prices.



 If you don't see what you have in mind for your show, please give us a call!
 We love to talk to our customers!  We are happy to offer advice even if you don't buy from us.